Bacteriological examination

Which test do we use?

Depending on the sample we perform a direct microscopic analysis or a microscopic analysis after Gram coloration and a selective or non-selective culture followed by identification and sensitivity determination of the relevant pathogen(s).

Sampling instructions

Fresh urine, stool samples, blood, lumbar fluid, respiratory fluids, genital samples and other miscellaneous samples in a sterile recipient.

Storage conditions

The samples have to be stored at 4°C immediately after collection and must reach the laboratory before 3:30pm. Wipers are kept in a transportation medium (charcoal agar).


Blood cultures and lumbar fluid are an exception. These have to be brought to the laboratory as quickly as possible and must not be stored at 4°C.

Important advice

We may refuse badly stored samples.



Delivery time of the result

On average:

3-6 days



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