Blood parasites

Which test do we use?

Thick and thin blood smear microscopy after coloration with (May Grünwald) Giemsa for diagnosis, count and species identification. In case of malaria infection, antigen tests and PCR may be performed.

Sampling instructions

A non-colored thick smear and two high quality non-colored thin smears made from fresh blood and 2.5 ml EDTA blood.

Important advice

Possibel blood parasites that can be detected are Plasmodium sp., Trypanosoma sp., Blood microfilaria, Babesia sp., Spirochetes (Borrelia sp.).


For samples that reach us before 4pm on the day of sampling, you will receive the results on the same day by fax. Results for older samples will possibly only be reported the day after arrival. Please always mention a fax number on the request form.


A form used for sending reference samples is available from the Sciensano website.


Microscopy / antigen tests: Daily

PCR: 1x / week

Reference values


Delivery time of the result

On average:

Microscopy / antigen tests: <1 day
PCR: 4 days


ISO 15189 – Belac 147-MED


Microscopy: 127094/127105

Antigentest(s): 552016/552020


Plasmodium Ag: 70569-9

Plasmodium PCR: 47260-5

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