Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) confirmation

Which test do we use?

Determination of the genotype of Chlamydia trachomatis by real-time PCR.

Sampling instructions

  • Biological samples collected with a dry synthetic swab (urethral, vaginal, cervical, rectal, pharyngeal samples).
  • Samples (swabs) in Abbott transport medium: min. 600µl.
  • Other material: please contact laboratory.


Please ensure that all samples are identified with a unique number, and that the corresponding request form is included in the shipment.


Use the request form.

Storage conditions

If possible, send the samples as soon as possible to the ITM.


Swabs with Abbott transport medium can be stored at 2-30°C for max. 4 days and can de bent after collection tot the ITM at room temperature.


Dry swabs can be stored at -18°C and can be sent to the ITM on dry ice.

Important advice

For this analysis, diagnosis rule 77 applies.




  • Swabs with Abbott transport medium: Tubes without a swab or with multiple swabs within the tube will be rejected.
  • Swabs without Abbott transport medium: swabs with metal or wooden shafts, or with a cotton tip will be rejected.
  • All samples will need to be stored and sent correctly to the ITM according to the described rules.


2 x a week

Reference values


Delivery time of the result

Depends on the total number of requested analyses.

See ‘How frequently do we perform this analysis’.



ISO 15189 – BELAC 147-MED



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