HIV Confirmation

Which test do we use?

Geenius HIV 1/2 Confirmatory Assay (BioRad).

When a confirmation is requested, two duo-screening assays (Ag/Ab) (and HIV 1/2 antigen detection if necessary) will automatically be performed as well.

Sampling instructions

At least 1,5-2 ml serum.

Storage conditions

Serum or mother tubes should be kept in the refrigerator at (2-8°C) and sent at room temperature.

Important advice

Use the request form for a confirmation (FRM-0035)


Make sure the samples have not been:

  • bacteriologically contaminated
  • frosted and defrosted repeatedly
  • hemolyzed

All children of seropositive mothers < 18 months are diagnosed by HIV DNA PCR and HIV RNA viral load, and not through HIV serology.


At least twice a week

Reference values


How soon can you expect results?

Geenius HIV 1/2 Confirmatory Assay (Bio-Rad):maximum 5 working days


Yes (ISO 15189 – 147-MED)

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