CD4 / CD8 T-Lymphocytes

Which test do we use?

CD3 T, CD4 T and CD8 T lymphocytes.

Sampling instructions

At least 1ml blood on EDTA

Storage conditions

The samples must be stored and sent preferably at room temperature. (between 2 and 30° C).

Important advice


  • cannot be exposed to temperatures below freezing point. Do not use ice packs. Cooling elements (2-10°C) are fine.
  • cannot contain coagulants other than EDTA.
  • cannot be older than 48 hours if you want CD4/CD8 determination.
  • reaching us on Friday after 3pm are pre-treated but not analysed until the next working day. Therefore, these samples must have been taken on the day itself.

Reference values

Reference values of BD, determined in cooperation with the ITM Laboratory for Immunology.

Delivery time of the result

On average:

2-3 days



ISO 15189 – Belac 147-MED


CD3+ (%):           8124-0

CD3+ (10*9/l):   8122-4

CD4+ (%):           8123-2

CD4+ (10*9/l):   24467-3

CD8+ (%):           8101-8

CD8+ (10*9/l):   14135-8

CD4/CD8:           54218-3

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