CD4 / CD8 T-Lymphocytes

Which test do we use?

  • CD3 T, CD4 T and CD8 T lymfocytes.
  • T, B en NK cells

Sampling instructions

At least 1ml blood on EDTA

Storage conditions

The samples must be stored and sent preferably at room temperature. (between 2 and 30° C).

Important advice


  • cannot be exposed to temperatures below freezing point. Do not use ice packs. Cooling elements (2-10°C) are fine.
  • cannot contain coagulants other than EDTA.
  • cannot be older than 72 hours if you want CD4/CD8 determination.
  • cannot be older than 24 hours for T, B en NK determination.
  • reaching us on Friday after 3pm will only be analysed on the next buisness day and need to be fresh. Samples for T, B and NK determination reaching us on Friday after 3 pm cannot be analysed.

Reference values

Reference values of BD, determined in cooperation with the ITM Laboratory for Immunology.

How soon can you expect results?

2 work days



ISO 15189 – Belac 147-MED

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