Fasciola antibodies

Which test do we use?

This is a direct hemagglutination test with red blood cells from sheep that are sensitized with Fasciola hepatica antigen . The sensitivity and specificity are 96 and 97% respectively (as indicated by manufacturer).

Sampling instructions

For 1 or 2 serological analyses: at least 1 ml serum
For 3 to 5 serological analyses: at least 2 ml serum

Storage conditions

The serum can be sent at room temperature, but the duration of transportation must be reduced as much as possible (avoid weekends or holidays).

Important advice

3 weeks after the infection, specific antibodies against Fasciola hepatica or Fasciola gigantica can be identified.


1-2x/ week

Reference values

< 1/320

Delivery time of the result

On average: 4 days


ISO 15189 – Belac 147-MED


551810 / 551821



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