Hemoglobine electrophoresis and dosage

Which test do we use?

Capilllary electrophoresis with the Minicap Flex Piercing (SEBIA)

If abnormal hemoglobin is detected a hemoglobin electrophoresis on agarose gel in a acidic medium will be performed as well. A sickling test will be performed if necessary.

Sampling instructions

1ml whole blood (EDTA or heparin)
At least 250µl whole blood for infants.

Storage conditions

The sample can be stored at 2-8°C for one week at most.

Important advice

Mention the red blood cell indices and the country of origin on the request form.

Dosage of all detected hemoglobin fractions will be reported automatically.


Twice per week

Reference values

Presence of HbA and HbA2

How soon can you expect results?

Depends on the total number of requested analyses. See ‘How frequently do we perform this analysis’.


Hb electrophoresis:

  • dosage of Hb fractions
  • identification of Hb A, A2, F and S

Yes (ISO 15189 – Belac 147-MED)


Identification of other Hb fractions: no


540654 / 540665

540676 / 540680

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