Which test do we use?

Real-time PCR

Sampling instructions

At least 3 ml of EDTA blood (for children: including performing HIV viral load)

If an HIV viral load must be done see also instructions for HIV viral load

Storage conditions

Blood can be stored and sent at temperature 20-25°C (within 24 h) or at 4-8°C (within 3 days after sampling) .

Important advice

We only perform HIV DNA PCR for children (< 18 months) of HIV-seropositive mothers. For all other cases, contact the laboratory.

Children should be tested on day 0 (birth), after 1-2 month(s), and after 4-6 months.

If the child has not yet previously been tested for HIV with a DNA PCR, it is recommended that a HIV DNA PCR is requested between 3 and 18 months of age. HIV viral load will also be carried out on the samples of children < 18 months.

Samples must not be:

  • older than 3 days after collection
  • no hemolysis (hemolysis can yield dubious results)

For more information see website ARL.

Info needed on the application:

  • Identification data of the child
  • Identification data of the mother (name, type HIV)


Guidelines for HIV diagnosis and monitoring


On request

Reference values


Delivery time of the result

5 working days


Yes (ISO 15189 – Belac 147-MED)



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