Mycobacteria identification from culture

Which test do we use?

  • AgMPT64 rapid test for identification of M. tuberculosis -complex, if acid fast bacilli were seen in a pure culture.
  • If the AgMPT64 rapid test is negative, yet acid fast bacilli are present, further identification is performed by DNA extraction followed by in-house PCR based on the gene coding for 16S rRNA, with primers specific for the genus Mycobacterium . Positive amplicons are sequenced for identification of atypical mycobacteria to the species level.

Sampling instructions

Possible on positive cultures (solid or liquid culture medium).

Storage conditions

Store samples preferably at room temperature or specific incubation temperature.
Samples can be sent at room temperature.

Important advice

To send cultures on solid medium, the fluid has to be aseptically removed from the tubes.


  • AgMPT64 sneltest: daily
  • PCR + sequentiebepaling: weekly

Reference values


Delivery time of the result

  • AgMPT64 sneltest: 2 working days (if sufficient growth was present)
  • PCR + sequentiebepaling: approximately 2 weeks.


ISO 15189 – Belac 147-MED

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