Leishmania direct examination/PCR

Which test do we use?

Direct examination after Giemsa coloration.
PCR for the detection of Leishmania species.


(muco)cutaneous leishmaniasis: skin biopsie (Minimum 4 mm on 4 mm)
visceral leishmaniasis: bone marrow (highest sensitivity, minimum 300μl)

Sampling instructions

Bone marrow must be drawn in an EDTA tube. Heparin can inhibit PCR reaction. Biopsies should be collected aseptically and should be placed immediately in sterile physiological water.

Storage conditions

The sample may be sent at room temperature, but the transportation should be kept as short as possible (avoid transport over weekends or holidays). A biopsy has to be kept from drying out (send in sterile physiological water).

Important advice

The nature of the sample, the clinical manifestation (visceral, (muco)cutaneous leishmaniasis) and the country of exposure should be mentioned on the request form.


The PCR detects the presence of Leishmania species.


Once per week

Reference values


How soon can you expect results?

Depends on the total number of requested analyses. See ‘How frequently do we perform this analysis’.


ISO 15189 – Belac 147-MED


126836 / 126840
PCR: /

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