Mpox virus PCR

Which test do we use?

Real-time PCR for the detection of mpox virus and characterization (clade I/clade II).

Sampling instructions

Take a swab of the lesions, preferably in combination with an anorectal swab if the patient is an MSM. It is best to sample more than one lesion, preferably from different locations on the body and/or from lesions that look different.

Other samples that may be collected (depending on the clinical picture) are a swab of mucosal lesions (e.g. in the mouth), an anorectal swab in case of anal complaints, saliva or a throat swab in case of tonsillitis and urine or a urethral swab in case of urethritis. In the prodromal phase, saliva or a throat swab and possibly EDTA whole blood/serum/plasma may be useful.

Preferably use a swab in a tube containing inactivation medium. The following media were validated for MPXV-PCR:

  • InActiv Blu (Fertipro)
  • VTM-N (Nal von Minden)
  • Cobas PCR Media Kit

If not available, a skin swab in Universal Transport Medium (UTM) or eSwab can also be sent.


Storage conditions

4°C until transport.

Important advice

  • This is a BSL-3 pathogen, so disinfect the samples on the outside and place them in a bag that is itself again disinfected on the outside.
  • Samples must be shipped under UN3373 in triple packaging by a courier.


Request form for a lab analysis


On request

Reference values


Delivery time of the result

Detection: 2 business days

Characterization: 7 business days


Detection:  Yes

ISO 15189 – Belac 147-MED

Characterization: No


557233 / 557270



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