Mycological analysis of hairs, skin tissue and nails

Which test do we use?

Direct microscopic examination followed by macroscopic and microscopic identification of the relevant fungi and yeasts. Supplemented by biochemical tests (yeasts) if necessary.

Sampling instructions

Small envelopes to pack the samples are available from the Laboratory for Mycology (03 247 63 37).

To increase the chance of obtaining a positive culture in case of onychomycosis, the sample must be collected from the infected area.

  • Paronychia: obtain puss with wiper
  • Distal (lateral) subungeal onychomycosis: near the nail bed
  • Proximal subungeal onychomycosis: near the proximal nail bed
  • Leukonychis: scrape the nail plate

Storage conditions

Samples can be sent by regular mail.

Important advice

Specify the nature of the sample.
Use the request form (NL / FR) to mark the exact location the sample was obtained from. This request form is also availabe from the Laboratory of Mycology.



Reference values


Delivery time of the result

  • Direct examination: the day after arrival at the laboratory.
  • Culture and identification: cultures are checked 3 weeks after grafting the sample before a negative result is reported.



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