Entamoeba histolytica/dispar PCR

Which test do we use?

Stool samples: PCR to differentiate E. histolytica and E. dispar
Biopsy/liver punction fluid: PCR to detect E. histolytica

Sampling instructions

We need at least 10 grams of fresh, non-fixated stool samples in a clean recipient.

Biopsy: Minimum 4 mm on 4 mm

Storage conditions

The sample can be sent at room temperature, but the duration of transportation must be reduced as much as possible (avoid weekends or holidays).

Important advice

PCR to differentiate  E. histolica  and  E. dispar  will only be performed if  cysts of  E. histolytica/dispar have been detected in our laboratory.  We need enough stool samples to perform direct examination and enrichment.


For PCR of E. histolytica on stool samples in case of suspected amebic dysentery ( blood or/and mucus in the stool) , on liver abscess fluid or on material obtained during rectoscopy, please provide sufficient clinical information or contact the clinical biologist.


form to send reference samples is available from the WIV website.


1x / week. For urgent requests, contact the clinical biologist.

Reference values


Delivery time of the result

On average: 5 days


ISO 15189 – Belac 147-MED





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