Herpes simplex virus (HSV) 1 & 2 PCR

Which test do we use?

A real-time PCR will be performed of HSV-1 and HSV-2.

Sampling instructions

  • A dry synthetic swab: genital or of the ulcers.
  • Other material: contact the laboratory.

Storage conditions

If possible, send the samples as soon as possible to the ITM.


  • Dry swabs can be stored at 2-8°C for maximum 4 days and can be sent to the laboratory at room temperature.
  • In case the sample needs to be stored for a longer period, they can be stored at -18°C and need to be shipped frozen to the laboratory (on dry ice).

Important advice

Swabs with wooden of metal shafts, or with a cotton tip are not useable


Every two weeks.

Reference values


How soon can you expect results?

The confirmation and identification of T. pallidum are known within 14 working days.



ISO 15189 – BELAC 147-MED

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