Orientia PCR

Which test do we use?

A real-time PCR that detects DNA of Orientia of the scrub typhus group.



  • material taken from the inoculation eschar (highest sensitivity)
  • a biopsy (alternatively a swab) from the cutaneous rash/blisters/petechiae
  • EDTA-whole blood (in the absence of skin abnormalities) (lowest sensitivity)

Sampling instructions

Biopsy/skin flakes of eschar/rash:

  • Immediately place biopsies in sterile fysiological water
  • Store scabs or skin flakes in a dry and sterile container

Alternative: Take a dry and sterile flocked swab by making three rotating movements against the side of the skin lesion. Immediately store the swab at 4°C in a dry place.
Only in the absence of skin abnormalities (lowest sensitivity): EDTA blood (min. 2ml)

Storage conditions

Samples that were stored at 4°C can be sent at room temperature.
Samples that were stored at -20°c have to be sent on dry ice.

Transport time has to be kept to a minimum (avoid transportation during weekends and holydays).

Important advice

This tests are only performed for diagnosis during the acute phase of the disease (until 7-15 days after the onset of symptoms) (EDTA blood) or as long as lesions are present (biopsy/ skin flakes). Please indicate on the request form which PCR should be performed.

Request form National Reference Center (NRC)


1x / week

Reference values


Delivery time of the result

On average: 4 days


ISO 15189 – Belac 147-MED





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