HIV 1 resistance testing

Which test do we use?

In-house PCR (HIV-1 Protease RT and Integrase)
The sequencing is outsourced to Eurofins

Sampling instructions

  • Adults: at least 9 ml EDTA blood
  • Children under 12 years of age: at least 3,5ml EDTA blood

Samples must not be older than 24 hours after collection

Resistance determination can also be done on the plasma (EDTA) sample that was used for the HIV viral load test.

Storage conditions

Blood can be stored and sent at room temperature (20-25°C)
Blood samples should arrive at the laboratory between 8:30am and 3.00 pm.


Plasma must be kept at -80°C and sent on dry ice.
Plasma samples should arrive at the laboratory between 8:30am and 5.00 pm.

Important advice

External laboratories can prepare the samples according to the procedure. Includes packaging instructions for plasma.

Resistance determination can only be requested by physicians of the AIDS Reference Center Antwerp (ARC) for patients tracked at the center. Contact the laboratory in all other cases.


Guidelines for HIV diagnosis and monitoring


On request (usually weekly)

Reference values

Completely sensitive

Delivery time of the result

Approximately 20 business days


Yes (ISO 15189 – 147-MED)(except sequencing at Eurofins – ISO 17025)

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