Trypanosoma brucei gambiense antibodies

Which test do we use?

An Immunofluorescence test for IgG antibodies and an agglutination test (card agglutination test, CATT) for total antibodies (IgM + IgG)

Sampling instructions

For 1 or 2 serological analyses: at least 1 ml serum
For 3 to 5 serological analyses: at least 2 ml serum

Storage conditions

The serum can be sent at room temperature, but transport duration should be kept as short as possible (avoid transport over weekends or holidays).

Important advice

Country of exposure must be mentioned on the request form.


Once per week

Reference values


How soon can you expect results?

Depends on the total number of requested analyses. See ‘How frequently do we perform this analysis’.




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