Instructions for requests,
packaging and sampling

How to make a request

The request to perform an analysis has to contain the information prescribed in art. 21 of the KB of 3 December 1999 concerning the recognition of the laboratories for clinical biology.

Please mention the following information on the request form:

  • Patient’s name, date of birth, sex, address and national register number.
  • Name, identification number and address of the requesting physician or laboratory.
  • Date of the request and signature of the requesting physician.
  • Sample type.
  • Sample date and time.
  • Analyses to be performed.
  • Clinical information and travel history are useful and sometimes necessary for the interpretation of the results.

Interpretation of serological analyses isn’t always possible if we do not receive:

  • at least a basic level of clinical information
  • an estimation of the moment of exposure
  • the onset time of the symptoms.

Packaging instructions

Make sure the sample tubes are closed to avoid leakage. If possible, wrap the cap and tube with para film.

Pack the samples in a transportation blister or case with moist absorbant. This secondary package can also be a sealed plastic bag.

Place this in a protective envelope or box.

These rules apply to the transportation of microbiological samples for dianosis or examination. This applies equally to class 2 and class 3 germs.

More information on the transportation of biological (diagnostic) specimens.

Only use packages displaying this code!

Sampling instructions

Sampling is a necessary part of all laboratory examinations. Correct sampling adds to the quality of the results.

When sampling, check the patients identity. Give the sampling recipients a unique ID. Mention the patient’s ID on every sample. The ID on the sample has to match the patient information on the request form.

We do not perform examinations on unclearly identified samples.

More specific instructions for sampling, preparation and storage is explained on the analyses pages..
If no specific instructions are mentioned, no exceptional preparations have to be made for the sampling.

If relevant for the analysis, the maximum stability shall be given in the specific description of the analyses.

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